Sunday, September 20, 2009


Welcome to the Tureson Adventures!
Please bare with me, this is my first blog, but I do have experience with myspace and facebook.

My good friend Doorly turned me onto doing a blog for the family. I enjoy putting our family newsletter out each Christmas, but there are days that the kids do something or something extraordinary happens for Justin that I just don't want to forget to tell you.

With us being in the military we change locations every 6 months to 2 years. Thus far between med-school and the Navy we have moved to 5 different states in 5 years of marriage.

CURRENTLY! We are living in Pensacola, FL. It's not bad but we did move here for the worst part of the year. I find myself living in paradise praying for a snow storm. =^) So this is a year for El Nino, so the weather has been mild- strictly speaking of hurricanes. It is hot and humid, but we have recently found that we are use to it. A few mornings ago I was taking the kids out and it was a whopping 80 degrees with low humidity. I actually went back in and got a hoodie and light jackets for the kids. Dark day for the Turesons.

Aside for the heat and constant weather update, this place is PARADISE. Literally White Sand Beaches, over punched beverages at the Mexican restaurants, steel drum music in the night life, and The Awesome Blue Angles overhead. Since we've moved here, Shaun has returned to preschool, Addy is cruising along the walls, and Justin is about to start flying helicopters. I have been busy making friends, taking up scrap booking, and I joined the women's auxiliary.

Shaun is doing well with transitioning to school and play groups. His imitations of word is much further a long, and in the last 2 weeks he is making new sounds and we are putting two syllables together. Awe Happy day when I won't have to feed the words to him and he can just tell me what he wants. Right now though he is showing a lot of interest in the potty. It's a slow process, but he is not afraid of it and ever time he sits he goes regardless if he has already gone. Maybe by Christmas Santa can bring him some Dinosaur or Toy Story Big Boy Pants.

Addy is a sheer joy at times and a diva the others. I'm sure it has nothing to do with all the spoiling she gets from her grand parents. She knows Momma and Dadda, and she plays us very well. We call her the brain and Shaun the muscle. She has a way of showing Shaun what she wants and he gets it for her. i.e. She sees capt. crunch and bangs against the wall. Shaun sees what she sees. She points and does her evil laugh...yes she has one. Shaun then grabs his crocodile and uses it's tail to swipe down the box.. as it falls to the ground only to explode all over the floor, Addy the brain lets out another evil chuckle with vigorous clapping!

Won't you join me on the Tureson Adventures, as we track our family through the states and through the years. Never a dull moment in this home.